I’m Moving to Ghana!


Hey friends! As many of you already know, and as some of you are just now finding out, I’ll be moving to Accra, Ghana in just two short weeks.

I’ve accepted a position as the High School Bible Teacher and Chaplain at American International School of Accra, Ghana. I’ll be flying out July 22! I’m really looking forward to this next step and all that will come with it. Most of all, I look forward to serving Jesus through this unique role which combines Bible education and spiritual guidance for the students of AIS.

I’ve worked my way through the M.Div., and now the Th.M, at SEBTS over the past seven years. All along the way I’ve been asking and seeking how and where I might best serve Jesus with the gifts and education I’ve been blessed with. A couple years ago I started to think more seriously about pursuing a role in Christian education. At the beginning of this Spring I reevaluated my place in life: my desires, my opportunities, my financial freedom, and lack of other major responsibilities. It was upon that reflection that I determined that I am in a great place to do something like relocate overseas for ministry.

The idea of moving overseas has always been in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until recently that I began to seriously consider it. The president of SEBTS, Danny Akin, has often said, “We shouldn’t ask, ‘Why should I go?’, but instead we should ask ‘Why should I stay?’” As I think through the things mentioned above and through the reality that many people who would like to go don’t necessarily have the opportunity, and many that could go don’t have the desire, I find that I have both desire and opportunity and very few reasons (not none, just very few) for staying.

After having researched ACSI.org, I found the job listing for the Bible teacher and Chaplain at AIS. I messaged the principal multiple times with questions about the position, and after some prayer and meditating on the opportunity, I sent in my application and resume. Over the course of several weeks I continued to correspond with AIS, filling out forms and doing Skype interviews, until a little over three months ago when they officially offered me the position.

For those who have been close with me during this time, they know that I’ve been wracked with questions and anxieties. It’s not in my nature to make such big changes in my life, and it’s not in my nature to make such a big decision and be at peace with it either. I over-analyze things, both before and after, to such a degree that I drive myself crazy at times. For this reason, this has been a matter of growth in faith for me. But, I’m sure of the decision I’ve made and I look forward to what is to come. The motto for this school year will be “Anticipating Great Things.” How very fitting!

I haven’t yet decided exactly which platform I will use to provide updates, but for now expect that they will be through my blog here. And perhaps I will pick back up with blogging about other faith issues too. Thanks for the prayers and support over the years. They have been, and will of course, continue to be, appreciated!

In all things, may we give praise and glory to our Lord Jesus!


Grace and Peace to you,

Brandon S. Andrews


P.S. Here are some links to the school I’ll be serving at!

Website: https://www.aisghana.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/accra.ais/

One thought on “I’m Moving to Ghana!

  1. So incredibly excited for you and this opportunity the Lord has given you to serve Him overseas! Can’t wait to read/hear about all of the things He will do and show you there! Praying for you!! 😊


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